Course Level 1 - Your Beginning

  • Course Level 1 of ihablo® Spanish is designed to teach basic Spanish to English speakers.  It is presumed that you know little or no Spanish.  Instruction is in English.  Explanations are in English.  You will learn how to read, write and speak basic Spanish.  Learning Spanish well is not easy. This course is your beginning.
  • In Latin America, Spanish courses are often taught in Spanish, even when the student knows little or no Spanish.  This approach can be quite difficult and frustrating for the beginning student.  Accordingly, ihablo® Spanish is designed to teach Spanish in your native language, English, in order to maximize your learning and understanding, not your frustration.
  • You will learn and remember Spanish best if you know the how's and why's of Spanish, how Spanish is different from English, and how Spanish is the same as English.  Knowing how Spanish works, and how it relates to things you already know in English, will help you learn and remember Spanish without the need for memorization.
  • The course starts with the basic building blocks of English/Spanish, including the phonetics of Spanish and basic grammar.  You will visit the elements of a sentence (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives...), all of which you once knew or still know, and which are common to both English and Spanish.  You will also learn Spanish vocabulary, basic verb conjugation, the rules of Spanish pronunciation, how to tell time and count in Spanish, and more.  Instruction will focus on the present tense conjugations of Spanish verbs.
  • course book will be provided the first day of class (we suggest that you bring a notebook and a Spanish/English dictionary to class).  Homework consists only of reviewing the course book lessons for the following day.  Learning is best accomplished by a combination of Seeing, Saying, Hearing, Writing, and then Repeating Material covered in the previous classes will be reviewed at the beginning of each class.


You hear what you know!   ¡Oyes lo que sabes!   ¡Oís lo que sabés!

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