Getting Around Buenos Aires

Getting around Buenos Aires is relatively easy and fast (except for rush hour).  Taxis are pretty reasonable, but the cheapest way by far is by city bus, known as the colectivo, or by subway, called the subteTrains/trenes are also inexpensive and best for trips to the suburbs, such as to San Isidro, Hurlingham or Tigre.  Travel between cities by long-distance double-decker bus, known a micro, is also a very common mode of travel in Argentina.


Ferry travel to Uruguay is easy from Buenos Aires, either to Colonia del Sacramento (1 hour by rapid ferry) or to the capital, Montevideo (3 hours by rapid ferry).


A few helpful websites:


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OmniLíneas - Travel by Colectivo in Greater Buenos Aires

Buquebus - Ferry Travel to Colonia & Montevideo

Seacat Colonia - Ferry Travel to Colonia

Inter-City Travel by Micro/Bus - FletchaBus/Urquiza/Chevallier

Inter-City Travel by Micro/Bus - Platfrom10

Inter-City Travel by Micro/Bus - Ticket Online


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