Course Level 2 - Your Next Step

  • Course Level 2 of ihablo® Spanish is designed to teach basic-and-more Spanish to English speakers.  It is presumed you now know some Spanish!  Instruction will continue in English.  You may always ask a question in English, and our professors will stay in English when best suited to answering and explaining the complexities of Spanish.  You will continue to learn to read, write and speak Spanish.  Learning Spanish well is still not easy.  This course is your next step.
  • As with Course Level 1, it will help you to learn and remember Spanish if you know the hows and whys of Spanish, how it is different from English and, importantly, how Spanish is the same as English.  Knowing how Spanish works, and how it relates to things you already know in English, will help you learn and remember Spanish without the need for memorization.
  • Lesson materials will add to your vocabulary of Spanish words, expressions and verbs.  You will also begin to go beyond the present tense to the past, the future and the imperative conjugations.
  • course book will be provided on day one of class (we recommend that you bring a notebook and a Spanish/English dictionary to class).  Homework consists only of reviewing the course book lessons for the following day.  Learning is best accomplished by a combination of Seeing, Saying, Hearing, Writing, and then Repeating.  Accordingly, the material covered in the previous classes will be reviewed at the beginning of each class, along with practicing phrases and asking/answering common questions in Spanish.


 You hear what you know!   ¡Oyes lo que sabes!   ¡Oís lo que sabés!

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